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Roth IRA Conversion - Good Idea?

By Marquis Van De Mark
There has been a lot of talk recently about the 2010 Roth IRA conversion opportunity for tax payers. Is this a good idea or just another way for the government to raise tax revenue? The 2010 Roth IRA conversion will allow for tax payers that have a traditional IRA to pay the taxes and convert to a Roth IRA, in effect to go from a taxable account to a Tax FREE account. Sounds good on the surface but is this really a good opportunity?

Independent Retirement Account - Defined, What Are The Options?

By Rocco Beatrice
What is an Independent Retirement Account (aka IRA)? What are the factors in an inherited IRA from a spouse and a non-spouse? What happens when there is more than one qualified beneficiary named in a distribution? What happens when a non-qualified beneficiary is named in a distribution of an IRA?

Beneficiary IRA - What is It?

By Jessica Haug
A Beneficiary IRA or an Inherited IRA, as it is sometimes known, is when the account is transferred to a spouse or other beneficiary after the death of the account holder. The funds from an existing Traditional, Simple or Roth IRA are transferred into an Inherited IRA. This allows the funds to remain tax-free until the IRS requests that the funds are released.

Annuities - Taxation, Distribution & Exchanges

By Robert C Eldridge Jr
An annuity can be thought of as a bucket. You place money into the annuity bucket and your bucket of money is treated differently than your other financial planning buckets.

Important Legal Updates You Should Know About Your IRA

By Cathy Pareto
Our congressional representatives have created sweeping changes in pension legislation. But, it's not just pensions and 401k's that were impacted. Here's what you should know about the recent legal reform as it pertains to your IRA.

IRA Distribution | IRA Manditory Distribution | IRA Minimun Distribution | Inherited IRA Beneficiary Distribution | IRA Premature Distribution Penalty | 72T IRA Distribution